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You can shop our collection of earrings online here at Persora and in store. We stock a beautiful range of British and International designers so we're sure to have the perfect choice for you. 

We have a selection or gold and silver earring pairs including dress jewellery, studs and ear ornaments.  Almost all of our collections come in gift packaging making them perfect for friends and loved ones.


Waekura Marble Stone Earrings - Persora
MYC Paris Rhodium Irina Earrings - Persora
Bohm Paris Gold Dimpled Hoops - Persora
MYC Paris Pearl Earrings - Persora
Victoria mini twist hoop earrings-Gold - Persora
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Golden Zaza hoop earrings - Persora
MYC Paris Gold Plated Crystal Studs - Persora
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Bohm Paris Crystal Stud Earrings - Persora
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Bohm Paris Trio Drop Earrings - Persora
Bohm Paris Hoop Earrings with Blue Gemstones - Persora
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Bohm Paris Hoop Earrings with Pink Gemstones - Persora
Bohm Paris Ruby Red Gemstone Earrings - Persora
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