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Bath and Beauty Gifts

Our Bath and Beauty Gifts are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Making them perfect presents for any woman in your life. 

All of our gifts are vegan friendly and made from sustainable local resources. Indulge in self-care guilt-free with our vegan-friendly and environmentally conscious bath and beauty gift sets. Give the gift of pampering to yourself or others while also doing your part for the planet. Treat yourself to our quirky, sustainable gifts.


Wanderflower Lip Care Kit - Persora
Wanderflower Clay Facemask Set - Persora
Wanderflower Reflexology Set - Persora
Wanderflower Digital Detox Gift Set - Persora
Wanderflower Calming Bathing Oil - Persora
Sold Out
Chickidee Grapefruit Cleanser - Persora
Wanderflower Uplifting Bathing Oil - Persora
Wanderflower Invigorating Sisal Brush - Persora
Wanderflower Night Rituals Beauty Set - Persora
Wanderflower Canvas Bag - Persora
Calm Club Relaxation Rituals Gift Set - Persora
Save 55%
Wanderflower Sleep Well Set - Persora
Wanderflower Incense Sticks and Holder Set - Persora
Wanderflower Eucalyptus Verbena Hand Wash - Persora
Wanderflower Aromatherapy Relaxation Set - Persora
Chickidee Type C Gold Charging Cable - Persora
Wanderflower New Mum Time Out Gift Set - Persora
Desert Blush Waffle Dressing Gown - S/M - Persora