Star Wars How Not To Be Eaten by Ewoks Book

by Persora
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SKU 9780241331330

How would you flee an exploding Death Star? Could you escape from a giant space slug? From tackling extreme weather and finding shelter to avoiding social pitfalls (and giant carnivorous pit-beasts), learn what to do to stay alive in a galaxy far, far away. This handy manual reveals the methods, techniques and strategies of favourite Star Wars characters, ideal for any circumstance about which you have a bad feeling.

  • Author: Blauvelt, Christian
  • Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishers
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publication Date: 05/09/2019
  • ISBN: 9780241331330
  • B-Code: B047056
  • Illustrated: illustrated
  • Pages: 128
  • Dimensions: 178x129mm

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