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Small Sitting Hare (1) by Karen Lainson

Small Sitting Hare (1) by Karen Lainson. Karen Lainson is a sculptor based in Arnside, Cumbria (a beautiful part of the United Kingdom).

Please note that this year, once Karen's work has sold out, we will not be having any more until the new year. 

Please also note that each piece of work is slightly different and original, but the same hand-crafted methods on each piece is the same. 

Entirely self-taught, Karen Lainson creates sculptures one at a time by using rolled paper clay and when finished washed with metal oxides then fired to stoneware temperature. She finds her animal sculptures a fabulous way of expressing her love of movement and energy.

Her own animals are her main source of input along with rousing music and the great outdoors: she describes, “ I really try to capture, in some of my horses at least, a sense of pent up energy and desire to run free that most of us have felt at some time.”

Karen Lainson exhibits in both her own gallery and others around the country, she also receives commissions from all around the world - one noted Hollywood actress is a collector!