Scratch Design Deep Centre Bowl

by Persora
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Artist Statement: Rowena Gilbert 

I love objects that sit between art and design - artistic, well designed and functional - things that can be admired purely for their form and surface that sit alone as art objects, but can also be touched and used because of their function. Giving something a function invites you to have a whole different relationship to the object, a tactile relationship as well as a visual. I think everyday objects should be beautiful. This is why I design and create contemporary ceramics that are stylish, functional and artistic.

The main focus with my ceramic work is finding that perfect fusion of strong design, innovative style and spontaneous expression, that counterpoint of form, design, colour and texture. I love well-made things that hold a simple but powerful expression. I love working with a very simple colour palette but using different surface textures such as mattes and gloss, to give my work an extra depth. I also love simple but bold gestures, stylish yet artistic.

Some technical notes: Using additions of metal oxides and stains for the reds, blacks, blues and greens, the coloured clay layers are brushed on the slip cast vessel or inlaid in incised lines and marks. The surface marks are created using various sgraffito tools when the clay vessel is in a leather-hard state. I bisque fire, then mask areas on the outside of the vessel using wax resist, glazing the inside and the unmasked areas with a transparent gloss with the final firing at 1160°C.  All pieces are hand made and have my signature makers mark on the base.


Style: Scratch Design
Shape: Deep Centre Bowl
Colour: Deep Red & Black
Size: H 16.5cm W 22cm D 22cm

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