Primrose Glass Print by Ulyana Hammond

by Persora
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These wonderful surroundings were a great source of inspiration to her as she grew up to appreciate the historical riches around her.

Recently Ulyana went back to see her family in St Petersburg and it brought all her childhood memories flooding back. She loved showing her husband and young son where she grew up along with all the beautiful places which have had an influence on her work.

In one of the museums we went to in St Petersburg I saw amazing pieces of antique pottery which inspired me to do the vintage pots collection.

While studying traditional art and culture at University, Ulyana spent many hours sketching and perfecting the art of sculpture, discovering this rewarding outlet for her passion of painting contrasting shapes and colours.

In 2003 Ulyana moved to the Isle of Wight where she has happily settled and married and pursues a career as an artist expressing her life experiences onto canvas.

We stock a range of Ulyana's work focusing on her beautiful designs and illustrations in framed formats on both canvas and digitally printed onto glass.

Size: 54cm x 74cm

Material: Framed and Wrapped Canvas

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