Paoletti Pumpkin and Mocha Velvet Cushion

SKU 5025532290700

These gorgeous cushions are soft to the touch and come in a variety of bright and modern colours to help add a pop of colour to your living spaces. All of our extra large velvet cushions measure 55cm x 55cm and come filled with a soft and plush feather inner for added comfort and longevity. 

Updating your home can sometimes be expensive if you feel like a quick refresh. New cushions in different colours can instantly make your home and living spaces feel different and is a well used interior design trick that helps to update spaces whether you like to change with the seasons or you just want to inject a different style or look to your rooms.

We love our velvet cushions as much as our customers do and we’re often seen packing up a variety of colours for styling different rooms in their homes. Our velvet cushions are soft to the touch and come beautifully piped in a complimentary colourway, to top it off, they’re all filled with a luxurious and soft feather cushion inner.

Size: 55cm x 55cm

Material: Velvet, Feather Cushion Inner

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