Only My Dog Likes Me Print by Stephen Fowler

by Persora

Stephen Fowler is an illustrator and graphic designer who started working on his artistic pieces when he was working as a packaging designer in Chicago.

Yes, dogs is where I got my start. Whimsical illustrations with bold typography inspired by the tequila and liquor bottles I designed at work each day as a graphic designer in downtown Chicago. When I got home from work each night I'd create a new illustration - dogs drinking coffee, baking cupcakes, playing sports. 

On Saturday mornings I'd take my new works down to the farmers market in my neighborhood. I would hand collage them onto canvas late into the night before, some of them barely dry as I setup my booth early in the morning. 

As my illustrations became more and more popular, I began adding them to neighborhood gift shops, including my original store Sacred Art in Lincoln Square.

6 years later, my collection boasts 1000's of designs in dozens of themes - not just dogs. My work is now available in thousands of stores worldwide as reproductions and direct through my shop as handmade to order pieces from my Perrysburg, Ohio studio.

Size: 33cm x 43cm

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