International Cats Limited Edition Screen Print by Charlotte Farmer

by Persora

A hand made screenprint of 4 different cats on made up stamps - perfect for cat lovers

Bengal Cat on a Malaysian stamp - A perky bengal with black & gold markings on a blue background with fluro orange details

Persian - a super cute fluffy persian with big blue eyes on a yellow persian stamp with gold, fluro pink & turquoise details

British Shorthair - a black cat with a big personality. sprawled on a bright pink background with turquoise & yellow details. The stamp design is based on an old british one.

Singapore Birman cat - a fluffy cat with gold markings and blue eyes. On a fluro orange stamp 

A4 w21cm x h29.7cm - so it should be nice and easy to find an off the shelf frame

Limited edition of 250

Signed by the artist

The print is packaged using mount board & sealed in a cellophane sleeve

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