Framed 'The Red Lion' Print by Paul Bommer

Paul's latest limited edition screen print is part of a proposed series of prints, entitled Coloured Inns - an examination of popular Pub Names, each described by a colour (Red Lion, Green Dragon, White Hart, Blue Boar, Dun Cow etc). The Red Lion as pub name is usually attributed to honouring John of Gaunt, Grandfather of Henry VII, but this is unlikely. It more probably refers to the Red Lion of Scotland, as seen in the upper right-hand corner of the Royal Coat-of-Arms and included since the accession of James I, the first Stuart king of England. Created especially for Pick Me Up 2013 where, as part of collective Hero of Switzerland, we are celebrating all things Boozer.

This print measures 42 cm across by 30 cm high ( A3 - a standard frame-size) and is a strictly limited edition of 25.