Framed 'The Blue Boar' by Paul Bommer

by Persora
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Paul Bommer's latest limited edition screen print, the Blue Boar, is part of a series of prints, entitled Coloured Inns - an examination of popular Pub Names, each described by a colour (Red Lion, Green Dragon, White Hart, Golden Eagle, Dun Cow, etc, etc). The White Boar was the personal cognizance or badge of King Richard III (recently found beneath a car Park in the midlands) and pub signs would have had a painted white boar and the white rose of York. Legend has it that after Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, all the pubs called the White Boar were hastily renamed the Blue Boar. The Blue Boar was the badge of the de Veres who were the Earls of Oxford (one of whom, some people believe, was the true author of Shakespeare's work), and had been supporters of Henry Tudor and hence on the winning side.

This print measures 42 cm across by 30 cm high ( A3 - a standard frame-size)

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