Birds of a Feather Shop Together Book


In the vein of the tremendously successful "This Little Piggy Went to Prada" comes "Birds of a Feather Shop Together", a delicious anthology of style-focused fables for the modern-day fashionista. Combining classic story motifs with alluring images of modern fashion and beauty, "Birds of a Feather Shop Together" offers timeless wisdom in a package that's perfect for today's style-savvy shopper. Written by "New York Times" bestselling author Sandra Bark-a collaborator on Kat Von D's "High Voltage Tattoo" and "The Tattoo Chronicles" - and featuring gorgeous watercolour and ink drawings by internationally acclaimed fashion illustrator Bil Donovan, "Birds of a Feather Shop Together" is a volume to treasure, delivering sage advice and fabulously fun fashion fables for stylish ladies from 4 to 14 to 104. 

  • ISBN: 9780062071736
  • B-Code: B008004
  • Dimensions:154.94 x 210.82 x 12.7mm