Artesà Enjoy Round White Marble Board

by Artesa
SKU 5028250801234
When you've curated the perfect cheese board, it's natural to want to present it with pride... and plenty of pizzazz. Present your wheels, blocks and truckles on Artesà's luxurious marble cheese board and you'll make it the centre of everyone's attention.
This round serving platter's combination of beautiful white marble, and luxurious brass coloured embellishments make it an exquisite choice when you're entertaining. 
Line up a selection of different varieties: Stilton, Red Leicester, Brie, Camembert. Or even a spread of antipasti meats: prosciutto, Genoa salami, Parma ham. Because marble's naturally so cool, it'll help keep your food from melting or perishing at the table. So, you and your diners can take time to really 'enjoy'!

Features & Benefits

  •  Measures 25.5 cm (10")
  •  Crafted from natural marble
  •  Certified food safe
  •  Finished with brass words of encouragement - 'Enjoy'
  •  Handwash only

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