Ammonite by Richie Alli Glass

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The Ammonite Vessel by Richie Alli. Richie began his journey as a glass maker in 2006 when he enrolled into an Applied Arts course at Plymouth College of Art. He was instantly mesmerised by the material and the endless possibilities it offered to a developing artist.

In it's molten state the glass behaves like syrup on a spoon, needing constant turning to be kept under control. IHe embraced the challenge of controlling the glass in it's molten state to achieve the designs in his minds eye.

In 2009 he graduated from college and began his employment at a small glass studio in Cirencester. It's here he started to develop his designs and realise mhis love of glass sculpture.

His work has been greatly inspired by the world around him, he looks to the ephemeral landscapes and try to capture their transformation. His work heavily relies on overlay techniques in which he builds up layers of colour.

Then, when the glass is cold he uses diamond wheels to carve through the surface to expose the colour beneath. The resulting glass often contrasts from sandblasted to polished surfaces while the overall finish is tactile to the touch.