Santa Window Projections

Since Christmas 2016, we have been entertaining (and scaring!) little and big kids alike, with our Santa and his elves window projections from the second floor of our building.


The window projections start on Saturday 24th November from 4.30pm onwards. This is also the same Saturday as the Pershore Christmas Lights Switch On Event. Runs every day apart from Sundays, from 4.30pm until 8.00pm until Christmas Eve.

The animated projections are best viewed from the opposite side of the street. So, just after the turning for St Andrews garden in Pershore, if you stand on the street outside Boots and look up, there Santa will be - waving to you from the windows of our building.


We had some issues last year with our connections and timings which meant that on certain days we were unable to project the animations. This year, we've invested in far better technology which means that we're (fingers crossed!) hoping that everything now goes to plan.


It is important to note that this is NOT a 'meet Santa'. These are window projections aimed at adding a little bit of magic and bringing Santa to Pershore. There is NO charge to see the animations whatsoever, this is our way of adding some sparkle to the town and Christmas spirit for little ones.