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The Persora Art Gallery - in the heart of Worcestershire

Here at the Persora Art Gallery in the heart of Worcestershire, we have some of the Country's most sought after artists and makers who exhibit their work with us. 



 Karen Lainson - Ceramics

Karen is one of our most popular artists and has built a reputation for her handmade pottery sculptures formed from paper and clay then baked with metal oxides to give them a contemporary feel. Karen's works are built one at a time and we class each piece as an original given that every one is slightly different. Karen also receives commissions from the US, Germany and Holland. She also has a very well known Hollywood collector - but we can't divulge names!

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Martin Andrews - Glass

Martin Andrews - who is based at the Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge is one of the UK's most recognised glassblowers and he is well regarded for his high quality of workmanship, paying attention to detail and innovative colour work including his signature blue and red glass collections. Inspired by the Earths natural forms, architecture and geometry, each piece of Martin's glass art work is hand-signed at the bottom and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Lesley Nason - Ceramics

Lesley first worked as a commercial textile designer and trend forecaster working with companies including Marks & Spencer, Next, Adidas and Landrover. After 18 years, she suddenly found her passion for working with clay and now works out of a small pottery located in an outbuilding at the bottom of her garden in Derbyshire. Lesley Nason creates stunning atmospheric porcelain wall art, vases and vessels and contemporary ceramic jewellery. 

Jane Johnson - Ceramic Mixed Media

We first met Jane at a quaint little craft fair 'up north' as they say. Jane, who has been pottering for around 20 years, enjoys exploring clay, metal and wood. The finished pieces of art are not only affordable, but bright and quirky little sculptures that are sure to put a smile on your face. Her work is well crafted and each piece is painstakingly completed by her own hands. Each piece is unique and is inspired by the folksy and sometimes utterly naughty side of life. 

Pan Foley - Sculpture

We love Pam's sculptural work which has a contemporary twist on figurative art. Pam has been a sculptor for two decades now and she specialises in abstract reinterpretations of the human form. Pam creates stunning pieces that reflect the themes of solitude alongside fleeting thoughts and emotions. Pam works in her studio and creates her sculptures by molding in clay and plaster, creating contemporary resin and copper resin finishes. 

Caro Burberry (Caro Sweet) - Bronze Resin Sculpture

The wonderful Caro! Born in Aylesbury but now residing in Worcestershire, Caro's parents encouraged her somewhat eclectic mix of interests as a child and teenager. Caro's bronze resin and hot iron poured work, is her favourite medium. Caro undertook classical art training at The Frink School of Figurative Sculpture and whilst she was studying, her very first life-size sculpture was selected and purchased for the amazing St Michael's Hospice in Herefordshire. 

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