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About Us

If you're reading this, then we're going to take a bet that you're after a little bit more information about us! Our beautiful business was established in 2014. We're two pretty different but utterly complimentary sisters who just wanted to create something more unusual for our beautiful High Street store.


We believe strongly in girl power! So here we are - welcome to Persora - a family-run, independent business in the very heart of Worcestershire run by us - Aimee and Sasha, two sisters who clash with our different styles, argue about what colour the walls are going to be and fall off our stools. But hey, we love our business and our quirky approach kinda seems to work. 

Don't believe everything that Aimee writes - I've literally never fallen off my stool! We established our beautiful business Persora in 2014 and after months of hard work and renovation following our purchase of 29 High Street, we finally opened our doors on October 14th the same year. We've come a long way since then, where we'd seriously underestimated how much stock was needed to fill a store of our size! We love our wonderful town and the support we have been shown as been immense. 


We did think about uploading some pictures, but to be honest - we didn't think that would do anyone any favours! But if you imagine a woman crossed with Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid - I looked something like that before I decided to open Persora and go on 12 hour buying sprees or before I worked 16 hour days or decided to not take a holiday in three years. You know something though? I wouldn't change a single moment of it for anything and knowing that people like you are sat here reading this, makes me smile just to know that you are interested in us and what our fab shop has to offer. 


 Our vision is really simple. Beautifully curated products and collections that you'll love with an affordable price point. We literally just want to sell things our customers love. We work with British designers, makers, artists and emerging talent wherever we can - all of which are carefully hand-selected by our growing team here at Persora.

Would you believe that up until six weeks before we opened, we didn't even have a name for our store! We'd been through almost every single boring brand name we could think of and our brains were frazzled trying to incorporate the words gift and home in so many monotonous concoctions.

At the time my sister Aimee was working as marketing director for a large French business and I knew that it was time to get her involved (it was never actually the plan for her to be here at all!). Within a few hours, she tabled to us 'Persora' - the old Latin name for Pershore. Something just felt right about it. It kinda just worked. We kinda liked it. And it kinda stuck. 

Our complimentary tree part of our logo is so much more than 'just a tree' too. In fact, the clever sister also designed it. If you're unsure, Pershore is famed for its Plum and Oak trees, which forms the main part of the inspiration behind the logo. The trunk of the tree symbolises the high street in Pershore and the branches are a straight lined interpretation of the connecting roads and villages in the area. 

She whitewashed us with marketing jargon but in the end, it came down to the fact that we are part of the community, we're connected, we've got our roots in the area. 

We'd spent almost six months trying to come up with something clever and here we were, all sat around a table, nodding in agreement that the suggestions she'd come up with that took no more than a few hours were the best. I guess that's why she did what she did. Clever buggar.

We grew up watching our parents build and sell houses. We've watched them design, then redesign, then furnish them. We've watched our mum struggle every year to find unique and beautiful things to buy for the entire family at Christmas and a few years ago, we started to realise the same struggles! 

In 2012, we both embarked on our own adventure. We purchased a plot of land, stood at the sides of it and looked at each other blankly. Both knowing that the other was thinking 'oh sh*t, what have we done!'. But 9 months later, we'd designed, built and furnished our own beautiful homes. Starting with a blank canvas gave us an appetite for beautiful, contemporary homeware and furnishings that were exceptional in quality but without the extortionate price tag. And alas, two years on, Persora was born!