Meet Our Team

You might not know who's behind Persora or who you're buying from. So we thought we'd share some snippets of information here!

Sasha  (AKA The 'Boss'/Buyer Extraordinaire)

Sasha runs Persora on a day to day basis - but my gosh, she also loves a bit of buying! Find out a little more about her here...

What are the top five things you love about Persora?

Easy! The people we meet, working with family, getting to literally spend my days shopping (even if it is for other people!), 

What do you like doing in your spare time?

We don't get too much spare time as we're working six days a week. But when I do, I love to go home, pop on my slacks and spend the day with our puppy Luna and my partner Dan. But we're just in the process of renovating a cottage which is pretty challenging, so most of our spare time at the moment is spent there knocking walls through and other mucky stuff like that!

Can you tell us something about Persora we don't know?

Well you know that thing called Christmas? That thing that no-one wants to talk about until like maybe October? Well we have to source and buy everything for Christmas in January - which pretty much makes this job about Christmas all year round! 

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Tony (AKA Retro Master, SoulTwin)

Tony is the Head Honcho. We don't always see him and if you happen to see him walking around, he's spot checking us! Find out a little more about him here...

Where do you find all of the retro and vintage pieces you bring into Persora?

Now that would be telling! A little bit of everywhere to be honest. 

What's your life passion? Something you can't go even a day without doing?

My family. Without a doubt the most important thing in my life. But of course, my Northern Soul obsession comes a VERY close second! And even better, if I can mix the two and show off my new collection of records which have landed that day to the wife and kids - I'm one very happy chap!

Where did the inspiration come from for the fit-out of your showroom?

The store is just a little bit of us all. We've got relatively similar tastes - but a couple of us are more 'out there' than the others. But it works. We're really proud of what we've achieved and the compliments we've received from our customers and clients have been amazing. 

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Aimee  (AKA Marketing Guru)

Aimee is responsible for our branding, marketing and pretty much anything which needs to be designed! Find out a little more about her here...

What's the funniest thing which has happened since you opened Persora?

In the store, we have lots of camera's installed for security reasons and boy we've seen some things. However, the best by far is the slow motion video we've recorded of Sasha repeatedly falling of the stools by the counter. We're creating a compilation of the very best and we are hoping to share them at some point!

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Spare time? What's that? At the moment - I literally have none! When it's your own business, you put in all the hours you can and I know this sounds really sad...but I love coming to work - even if I'm normally working 14 hour days...

Go on. Let us into a secret about Persora...we won't tell anyone!

I was always told 'you can never run a business if you've got secrets' - so we don't have any! 

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Cheryl (AKA The Matriarch)

Cheryl is the only real boss! We know this because shes also the Matriarch of the family! Find out a little more about her here...

What do you enjoy doing the most for Persora?

Summer of this year, I've freed up some time and I'm now more involved with the buying side - of course, like Sasha - it helps that I like a little retail therapy myself!

What's your life passion? Something you can't go even a day without doing?

I just like the simple things in life. I like spending time with my hubby Tony (albeit he is getting grumpier as the years go by!), with my children who aren't little anymore but are my best friends and my beautiful Flatcoat Retriever dogs - Marley, Koko and Otis. 

Where do you take your inspiration for the beautiful things in Persora?

Our strategy is really simple - we just buy what we like. When we're buying it - all we think about is one of two things. Would I put it in my own home or would I give it as a gift. If the answer to both is yes - then it's in our basket quicker than you can blink!

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