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Asteroid by Richard Cresswell



The Asteroid by Richard Cresswell is a stunning powerful and beautiful outdoor or indoor sculpture.

Cresswell has a background in design and engineering, prior to his decision to take a career break and study art at Warwick College of Art and Birmingham City University.

His abstract work has always been large, and based on the outdoors, as much of his inspiration comes from the natural world of plants, trees and the landscape around him.

His love of the curves and shapes that are omnipresent in nature, in rivers, rocks, the clouds or the human body is clearly reflected within the style of his work.

Essentially a maker, with a hands-on attitude, Cresswell has worked with a wide variety of media including ice, string, air, photography, video as well as the more traditional wood and metal, and it is these that he feels most at home with - his understanding of these materials allows him the freedom to do almost anything he wishes with them.

His current work has seen a shift of emphasis, with metal being the medium of choice as he is not constrained by the size and shape of timber, and his recently developed metal tile technique allows him to work in beautiful organic three dimensional curves.