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Vegan Friendly Gifts

Vegan friendly gifts and gift ideas perfect for everyone! 

Picking the right gift for a vegan friend or loved one can be tricky. We know the struggle. That's why our team have devoted lots of time to collate a beautiful gift range.

More now than ever, the focus on sustainable gifting is more important than ever. With businesses now more focused than ever, sustainability is at the very core. 

With so much choice, you're sure to find a gift that suits their taste and fits in your budget.

Vegan Friendly Gift Ideas - Persora


Agapé Studio Noa Necklace - Persora
Agapé Studio Pétra Necklace - Persora
Waekura Jahia Earrings - Persora
Wanderflower Clay Facemask Set - Persora
Wanderflower Reflexology Set - Persora
Wanderflower Digital Detox Set - Persora
Wanderflower Head Space Set - Persora
Wanderflower Lip Care Kit - Persora
Wanderflower Fresh Face Kit - Persora
Wanderflower Foot Therapy Kit - Persora
MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion - Persora
MOA Hello Sunshine Energising Body Oil - Persora
MOA Silver Rain Mystical Toner - Persora


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We also stock candles, room diffusers, jewellery, wall art and pictures, bath and beauty, blankets, pictures frames and more.

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