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Table Lamps and Lights

Table lamps and lights are key to almost any room in the home. They help to create ambiance and warm spaces, creating a more cosy look to your home in the evenings.

Lighting in the home creates a sense of warmth throughout living spaces. Our table lamp range features neutral tones on trend for 2023.

Shop our collection that focuses on a colour pallette suitable for any home spaces. We will also include the correct fitting bulbs to ensure your lights are ready to use straight away.


Table Lamps and Lights - Persora


Smokey Table Lamp - Persora
Pamplona Table Lamp - Persora
Udine Table Lamp - Persora
Lava Table Lamp - Persora
Lolek Table Lamp - Persora
Onora Table Lamp - Persora
Nushrah Table Lamp - Persora
Sold Out
Vondra Table Lamp - Persora
Kempton Desk Task Lamp - Persora
Rain Table Lamp and Shade - Persora
Ikat Table Lamp and Cream Shade - Persora
Sold Out
Rustic Grey Table Lamp - Persora
Sold Out
Adjustable Angle Desk Lamp in Black | The Lunatiques - Persora
Sold Out
Dolce Table Lamp White Ceramic With Shade - Persora
1 in stock
Battery Operated Black and Gold Metal Palm Tree Table Lamp - Persora
Sold Out
Earth Coloured Textured Lamp with Shade - Persora
Sold Out
Blyton 1 Light Table Lamp complete with Painted Shade - Persora
Monochromatic Textural Enamel Lamp with Linen Shade - Persora
1 in stock