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Floor Lamps and Lighting

Add height and light to the corners of your rooms with a cool and contemporary floor lamps and lighting. Shop and browse our collections for delivery across the UK online.

When it comes to creating light in your home, our floor light collections provide the perfect mix of contemporary, Scandinavian and industrial designs features wooden detailing, ceramics, task lighting and more. We have a catalogue of over 2000 lighting solutions for homes including indoor and outdoor lighting. Sometimes, you need an alternative to pendants and table lamps and our tall floor lighting is essential in low ceiling rooms to create additional ambiance. Floor Lamps can provide extra light and can also be the main source of light for a location working well in most rooms. Our range has floor lamps that caters for stylish, traditional and contemporary décor and includes some with dimmable units and also Mother & Child Lamps which can offset the mood or assist with reading and tasks requiring focussed light sources. Shop and browse our collections for delivery across the UK, online at Persora of Pershore. 

Floor Lamps - Persora


Blyton 3 Light Floor Lamp complete with Painted Shade - Lighting - Persora
1 in stock
Gaucho 2 Light Floor Lamp Black - Lighting - Persora
1 in stock