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Cushions are a fantastic addition to any room when it comes to homeware. Interior designers often use this trick to add texture, tone, and color to a space.

Scatter cushions are a cost-effective way to refresh your home and give it a high-end appearance. With a range of options available, from luxurious velvet to patterned prints, they can add a pop of color and texture to any interior, creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

When it comes to homeware, they are the perfect choice of soft furnishings to compliment your home. When it comes to home accessories and home decor, they are easy ways to update living rooms and bedrooms.

If you're searching for home decor inspiration, consider incorporating them into your design. Whether it's a single statement cushion or a collection arranged on your bed or sofa, cushions can instantly transform a room, giving it a more chic and inviting feel.

They can provide extra support and comfort when sitting or lounging, making them a great addition to your living room or bedroom. Plus, they can be easily swapped out or replaced to update your decor without breaking the bank.

When choosing soft furnishings for your home, consider the color scheme and style of your existing decor. If you have a neutral palette, opt for bold and bright cushions to add a pop of color. If your area is already adorned with designs and surfaces, opt for cushions in solid colors to even out the appearance.

Don't be afraid to mix and match different sizes and shapes of cushions to create a layered and dynamic effect. Experiment with different arrangements, such as placing larger cushions at the back and smaller ones in front, or arranging them in a diagonal pattern.

Overall, scatter cushions are a versatile and affordable way to elevate your home decor. With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect cushions to suit your style and budget.

Whether it be cushion pads, seat pads, designer cushions or cushion covers - you can shop for them all online at Persora.

When it comes to updating your home, affordably priced cushions are the perfect way to do it!

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Rhoom - Cotton Velvet Cushion, Matching Trim - Various Colours/Shape - Persora
Rhoom - Cotton Velvet Cushion, Matching Trim - Various Colours/Shape - Persora
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Rhoom - Cotton Velvet Cushion, Matching Trim - Various Colours/Shape - Persora
Rhoom - Cotton Velvet Cushion, Matching Trim - Various Colours/Shape - Persora
Rhoom - Cotton Velvet Cushion, Matching Trim - Various Colours/Shape - Persora
Rhoom - Oblong Stripe Cushion Grey / White Minimalist 50x30cm 20x12" - Persora
Rhoom - Striped Bolster Cylinder Cushion Grey and White Roll Pillow - Persora
Large Velvet Cushion Mustard Yellow Cushion - Persora
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Bruten Pink Cotton Knit Throw Pillow - Persora
Bruten Navy Cotton Knit Throw Pillow - Persora
Brick Red Square Velvet Cushion - Persora
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Grey Velvet Linen Cushion - Persora
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Slate Blue Velvet Cushion - Persora
Modernist Face Design Cushion - Persora
Brick Orange Velvet Cushion - Persora
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Oxblood Red Velvet Cushion - Persora
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Natural Cream Velvet Cushion - Persora


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