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Cheeseboards, Knives and Accessories

Our Cheeseboards, Knives and Accessories will provide your party with plenty of pizzazz. Present your wheels, blocks and truckles on luxurious cheese boards and you'll make it the centre of everyone's attention.

Line up a selection of different varieties: Stilton, Red Leicester, Brie, Camembert. Or even a spread of antipasti meats: prosciutto, Genoa salami, Parma ham. Because marble's naturally so cool, it'll help keep your food from melting or perishing at the table. So, you and your diners can take time to really 'enjoy'!


Just Slate Stoneware Gourmet Cheese Baker - Persora
Maxwell & Williams Panama Cheese Platter - Persora
Sold Out
Artesa Cheese Slate and Knife Gift Set - Persora
Sold Out
Artesà Appetiser Cheese Knife Set - Persora
Creative Tops Gourmet Cheese Large Cheese Grater - Persora
New in
Artesa Round White Marble Cheese Board - Persora
Artesa Cheese and Pickles Gold Marble Board - Persora
Artesà Six Person Party Fondue Set - Persora