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Artificial Flowers and Plants

Artificial Flowers and Plants can really brighten up your home living spaces. Shop our range of gorgeous artificial flower stems in a range of colours, textures and designs. 

When it comes to updating your home, nothing does it quicker than artifical flowers and plants. Today, artifical flowers and plants are just as good as the real deal!

Mix and match stems in a variety of colours and designs to really make an impact. If they're good enough for interior designers, they're good enough for us!

Artificial Flowers and Plants - Persora


Artificial Light Pink Amaranthus Spray - Persora
Artificial Ivory Buddleia Stem - Persora
Artificial Mixed Meadow Grass Bundle - Persora
Artificial White Lily Flowering Tulip Stem - Persora
Sold Out
Natural Palm Leaf Stem - Persora
1 in stock
Artificial Clematis Stem - Persora
Artificial Button Fern Spray - Persora
Artificial Clear Honesty Spray - Persora
1 in stock
Artificial Echeveria Succulent Pot - Persora
Artificial Fern Plant in Cement Pot - Persora
1 in stock
Artificial Geranium Leaf Spray - Persora
Artificial Ivory Pom Pom Spray - Persora
Artificial Lotus Leaf Spray - Persora
Artificial Lotus Seedpod Stem - Persora
Artificial Magnolia Branch Spray - Persora
Artificial Potted Magnolia Denudata Tree - Persora
1 in stock
Artificial Umbrella Grass Stem - Persora
Artificial White Pom Pom Stem - Persora
Artificial White Wisteria Spray - Persora
Bloomingville Naia Palm Leaf Stem - Persora
Bloomingville Vefa Black and White Vase - Persora
Dark Burgundy Pampas Stem - Persora
Dusky Pink Artificial Pennisetum Spray - Persora
Sold Out
Grey Pussy Willow Spray - Persora
1 in stock
Large Faux Lilac Onion Grass in Black Pot - Persora
1 in stock
Large Lime Green Fern Spray - Persora
1 in stock
Leafy Green Artificial Eucalyptus Spray - Persora
Potted Faux Onion Grass - Persora
Rustic Orange Drooping Juniper Artificial Spray - Persora