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Let’s get Hygge (Hue-Gah) with it! Hygge in the home - Persora

Let’s get Hygge (Hue-Gah) with it! Hygge in the home

Ok. So anyone that knows us here at Persora, also knows that we LOVE all things Scandinavian. So when we were introduced to Hygge, we weren’t really sure what to think or of course, how to pronounce it!

Whilst on the telephone one day to one of our Danish suppliers - we all of a sudden felt so much more educated! According to the Danish, Hygge - or hue-gah as it’s pronounced - is a mellow feeling or mood that comes to you when you have an appreciation for those everyday moments that you try to make more meaningful, special or beautiful.

We started to think a little bit harder about this as we were talking with our Danish friends. Elisa said that it could be something as simple as relaxing in the bath surrounded by flickering candles or simply strolling around for a walk outside, breathing in all that fresh air. Apparently - the most important thing is to ‘feel it’ with your heart. It’s about being aware of any good moment in your life, whether it’s a simple thing you might take for granted or something very special.

We also asked them what it meant for the home and for interiors. We should have guessed considering their designs so closely reflect the Hygge way of life. After all, the Danish are one of the most relaxed and most stylish countries in the world so no wonder their way of life trends across the world.

How to Hygge up your home

  1. Candles galore - According to sources, Scandinavia love the glow of candlelight. Fill your home with candles, unscented or scented it doesn’t really matter. The important thing here, is that they transform your home into a flickering haven and provide a warming and calming feeling during those cold winter months. You can shop our range of candles online, but by far our favourite which sits perfectly with the Hygge lifestyle, is the Fireside scented Woodwick Hearthwick with its lavish tones of amber, vetiver and musk. The Woodwick Hearthwick range is so popular with our customers - we think it's down to the gorgeous mellow scents and the crackling that the patented wick provides.

  2. Create texture with Cushions, Throws and Blankets - You’ve probably searched and seen hundreds of Hygge texturing ideas - it’s about sinking in and relaxing in your Hygge environment. Think soft, luxurious textures faux fur, organic blankets and throws, fluffy rugs and lots of chunky knit. Whether it’s cashmere or merino wool, creating texture in your home is a big trend for 2017. Even better, when you relight that fire again in the cold winter months along with those gorgeous scented candles - you’ll be glad you converted to Hygge. One of favourites at the moment is from Scandinavian designers Klippan. Their Smokey Blue 100% organic blanket comes in a design which is reminiscent of those snow-capped mountains.

  3. Keep it simple with home accessories  - Hygge is about indulgence, but that doesn’t mean it’s about splashing the cash. Hygge is all about creating an inviting and warming atmosphere in your home - you’ll know you’ve hit the nail on the head when your friends and family don’t want to leave! It’s about creating a natural laid back approach to your home, particularly when you’re thinking about styling. Not forgetting the ‘feel good’ factor of , we love this gold foil print which would look stunning hung in a crisp white frame. Or bring the outdoors inside with these quirky hand-made grey and cream wool sheep decorations. Warm up your floors with this indulgent soft cream 100% wool rug from Plantation Rugs, our feet have never felt love like it.

  4. ENJOY LIFE! Hygge isn’t just for Winter though - it’s for life. Apply it to everything you do. Feel what you do and what you see with love. You can’t go wrong.