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25 Beautiful Homes Magazine Product Feature | Persora

25 Beautiful Homes Magazine Product Feature | Persora

In November of 2017, we were asked by the wonderful Erica Miller to send some samples of products for the 25 Beautiful Homes magazine March Edition. Of course, we were only too happy to oblige and we rushed to buy the magazine as soon as it hit the shelves.

One of our products featured, was the ever popular and absolutely stunning Cranberry and Mocha Velvet Cushion - it's over-sized, it's soft, it's plush and my goodness does it come in some absolutely amazing colours. The best part about them? Our beautiful 55cm square cushions are filled with soft feathers and are only £30 each - far more affordable than most others that you find at places such as Graham and Green, Cox and Cox etc - but just as luxurious.

The beauty of our range of soft velvet cushions is definitely in the colorways. From smokey greys to bright and contemporary cylon yellow - without a doubt you can mix and match to create a truly beautiful home furnishing display. 

yellow and grey plush velvet cushionultra violet pantone colour of the year velvet cushionteal and cylon yellow cushionraspberry pink coloured cushionpumpkin orange and mocha brown velvet cushionmocha brown and pumpkin orange trimmed velvet cushionsilver grey velvet cushionemerald green and moss green velvet cushioncranberry red and mocha velvet cushion 25 beautiful homesmoss green and emerald velvet cushion
You can get your hands on our amazing velvet cushions by clicking here or alternatively, if you're after one of the colours above, just click on the image and we'll take you straight to the product itself.